Monday, January 14, 2008

Ohau Hawaii Day 1... Getting there

Alrighty... we're up at the crack of dawn and on our way to sunny Hawaii! It's 6am and the temperature reading is a whole 2 on the register.

We are plenty early to the airport and are really hoping that everything goes smoothly since we only have about a 2 1/2 hour window to get from airport to port in Oahu... that includes getting luggage and finding our way to the shuttle.

We're on the plane and awaiting take off when they tell us that there is a mechanical problem with the plane that they are trying to fix. Ed and I aren't currently thinking about our small window to the ship, we're still too thrilled about our trip. Well an small delay turns into a long delay... at about 45 minutes late it hits me like a ton of bricks that this is shortening our window. Ed and I go into an absolute panic! This cruise has covered our lodging, meals and rental car, so if we miss that boat there is no way we have the funds to cover those things for then next 10 days... especially with Hawaii prices!

I get on my cell phone and call Norwegian Cruise Lines to find out what we do.... I give the woman our reservation number, (which she doesn't even look up), and she then tells me that the ship leaves at 6pm Hawaii time and we need to be on that ship by 5:00 pm, shortening our window even further! I ask her what we are suppose to do and proceed to get snippy with her as I inform her that THEY are the ones that booked this flight and why didn't they allow for some extra time? She tells me she'll have to transfer me to customer service and at that exact same time the pilot comes on and says we're finally ready for take off.... so off goes the phone.

Once in the air the pilot gives our estimated arrival time as 4:42 pm. Yep, that's when the tears came... I cried almost all the way to Hawaii. In between crying Ed and I strategize on how we would survive in Hawaii for 10 days with no money... I told him, "Well if you have to be homeless, I guess you couldn't ask for a better place to do it in". We have a plan for about the first week or week and a half, but figure the credit card would be maxed out after that.

We land in beautiful Honolulu! The second they gave the go ahead my phone was on and I was doing acrobatics trying to get a signal in a small airplane isle crammed with people trying to get off that plane. Eternal hold. At last someone gets on the phone and I race through our dilemma. This person looks up our reservation number and proceeds to tell me that our ship does not leave port until TOMORROW at 6pm! ARGH!!!! All that stress and worrying for nothing.

So now we can relax and enjoy our vacation. We step off the plane and into the wonderful Hawaiian air and something hits me that I'm totally unprepared for.... Mr. Within walking a few feet the make up has melted off my face and my hair looks like I stuck my finger in a light socket. I don't care though... I'm in Hawaii.

The rest of the day is somewhat uneventful. We get our luggage, find the shuttle and board the ship. After settling our bags in the stateroom we checked out the 12 floors of the cruise ship from top to bottom, found the bar and finally relaxed.

No pictures from this day since we were just trying to get settled in.

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