Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 10 - Last Day, Oahu

Our last day in Hawaii. This is such a beautiful state, but in all honesty I'm ready to go home. I miss the kitties, I miss showering in something besides a 2x2 cubical that's rocking back and forth, (ever tried shaving like that... it's a trick!). I miss my full power hair dryer verses the 2 watt hair dryer they have in the rooms. And I miss being able to eat a meal without having to fight a senior citizen for it. Yes, the cutting in line thing has lost it's charm and is no longer 'cute'.

We get into port early in the morning but our flight doesn't leave until 10pm so we're hanging out on this ship for as long as possible. By 10:30 they're making us all get off because they have another batch of passengers coming on at noon.

Ed and I decided we've got a bus map, our luggage is all taken care of so all we have are the carry on's, it's time to see Oahu. We ask the information desk how far Foster Botanical Gardens are and he tells us, 'Oh it's just 6 blocks up'. I tell Ed that instead of paying $8 in buss fees why don't we just hoof it, it's only 6 blocks.

Well what this guy fails to tell us is that it's 6 blocks up, 3 blocks over, 2 blocks up again then another 3 blocks over. We think it's about a mile each way. And I have no problem walking a mile... HOWEVER, I have a 40 pound carry on around my neck, Ed has the laptop around his neck, it's around 85 degrees and about 200% humidity.

We did a very leisurely stroll around the gardens, took lots of pictures and lots of just sitting on the bench looking at the trees and flowers. All of it is very beautiful and inspirational.

This was such a huge tree that I made Ed stand next to it to get some perspective on it's size.

We get done at the gardens and hoof it back to the port where we find the most wonderful bar with TV, beer, free Internet and even a plug in for our laptop. We set up camp and stayed there for like 6 hours. The staff was really great, even brought us a plate of extra calamari they had made that was going to be thrown out free of charge.

And then our last Hawaiian sunset before we board the shuttle to the airport.

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