Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 5 - Kona

Another day in Kona... who can complain? Today we have an excursion for a glass bottom boat. Unfortunately Ed is down sick with a cold. I sure am glad we did all that disinfecting... everyone on this ship seems to be coughing and sniffling. But we manage through to the glass bottom boat.

At first I'm rather skeptical since they are telling us that we'll be back in about an hour. We paid close to $40 per person for this excursion and it's going to take less than an hour? None the less we get on board the glass bottom boat. They take us out over a coral reef and we have the most wonderful tour guide. He was just a fountain of marine knowledge.

The pictures are not all that great, partly because the boat is moving and the fish are moving. After many attempts at getting some decent shots of the fish I just started clicking the camera off in hopes that one would swim by at the right moment.

So here's your piece of Marine trivia for the day. These fish are called Butterfly Fish and they come in all sorts of varieties. The interesting thing about Butterfly Fish is that you will always see two of them together, no matter what variety they are. The reason for this is that these fish mate for life... and they really mean it! If one of them should die, the mate will stop eating and inevitably perish itself.

Pretty crazy for the animal kingdom isn't it? We humans don't even have that strong of bond.

After we were done with the coral reef our guide took us over to a spot where some Spinner Dolphins were known to hang out. We did get to see them, but they are so quick I really didn't get a good shot of them.

Another amazing sunset in Hawaii.

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