Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 4 - Kona

We stayed on the ship this day. Hung out by the pool and did the hot tub. There was a guy with his son in the hot tub with me so I decided to ask the son if he'd been into the pool yet. The father replied with a laugh, "Yeah, as soon as the ice cracks on it". So the pool is still freezing cold.

One thing I am noticing is the feeding frenzy's are getting worse. Each day they close up the buffet at 11am and around 4:30 to get ready for lunch and dinner. There is still 1 of the 3 buffets open as well as an ice cream stand when this happens. You would think the ship was sinking and this was going to be these peoples last meal!

Now I'm not picking on the elderly here, I'm just calling it as I see it. For all of these things they form up a line and every single time either Ed or I are in one of those lines a little blue haired lady or grey haired man cuts right in front of us. They'll just step right in front of you, grab a plate and start grabbing the grub. I mean what the hell? Are we holograms? But I was taught to respect my elders so we both just let them do their thing and cut in line... then we sort of get a giggle out of it after it happens.

The only thing I did do today was learn how to make a lei. And this picture is just horrible of me, but I did want to show off the lei I made. As I said before, the make up kept just melting off my face so I finally figured I should quit wasting it and just be on vacation. So this is me with my electric hair and no make up... but don't look at that, look at the

Tonight we also went to another show on the ship. This one was a thousand times better, it was a group of performers doing snipe ts from about 5 Broadway shows. The singers we fantastic, costumes were great and we were both thoroughly entertained.

Still a couple of old fogies off to bed after the show.

There were a couple of good sunset shots though.

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