Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 2 - Ohau

Still not used to the time change we both woke up at the butt crack of dawn, and since we were in one of the inside cabins, (no windows), we were really amazed that it was 5am. But that seemed like good a time as any to start our day.
We get ready and head to the buffet. Now for anyone that's ever taken a cruise you know that you usually eat your way from one end of the ship to the other. You've never seen so much food laid out as you will on a cruise.
One thing I am noticing is Norwegian Cruise Lines dedication to a germ free environment. Before you get on the ship they've got two people with spray bottle of disinfectant that smells like rubbing alcohol and a Dr.'s office, you must put both your hands out to be sprayed. Then before any of the buffets or restaurants there is a ball full of the same mixture of liquid to rub on your hands. This is actually reassuring to me, because the last thing you want is to get sick on your vacation.

We have our breakfast at the buffet and decide to take a stroll around the Aloha Tower Marketplace. Of course I had to stop at all the shops with the wonderful jewerly... black pearls, shells, and a unique style that is Island oriented.

Before heading back to the ship we catch a little hole in the wall coffee shop called, 'Bad Ass Coffee'... well when you see something like that you just have to stop and see if it's So we had ourselves one Bad Ass Cup of Coffee. Not bad and amazing it's still in business. There was a Starbucks 4 doors down charging of course around $6 for a cup of coffee. The Bad Ass cup of ice coffee was around $2.75.

We head back to the ship mostly because I've been dumb enough to bring along 2 new pairs of shoes for this vacation. And although the ones I'm wearing are just adorable, I now have blisters on my heal about 3/4" across on both feet. Seemed like a good idea at the time.
Off to the pool we go! There are 4 hot tubs in the middle of the ship bunched together like a clover with a deep pool on one side and a more shallow pool on the other side. After a bit in the hot tub I'm ready to venture into that pool. I get ankle deep and find that this pool is just like our last cruise, salt water pumped up from the ocean and is freezing cold. Back out of the pool I go. We did however get great amusement out of watching those kids all excited about getting into that pool only to do the same thing I did, ankle deep and right back out of that pool.

Ed tells me that it's been at least a 1/2 hour since he's eaten and is starting to get peakid so we prepare for dinner.
The ship sails at 6pm and we get a nice rainbow, (it was sprinkling off and on all evening, but that is typical of Honolulu this time of year I'm told).

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